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Level one

Lesson One : My Chinese name is Luo Qiaodan.

Lesson Two : He’s half Amerisan

Lesson Three : Where did my umbrella go?

Lesson Four : Do you like to eat ice cream?

Lesson Five : I should be your elder sister.

Lesson Six : How can you teach?

Lesson Seven : This is Japanese restaurant.

Lesson Eight : Huh? At my house?

Lesson Nine : I would also like to know

Lesson Ten : Qiaodan’s friends are my friends

Level Two

Lesson Eleven : So expensive?

Lesson Twelve : you are so pathetic!

Lesson Thirteen : What are we going to do with you?

Lesson Forteen : I also want half a fish.

Lesson Fifteen : She said that I’m too fat.

Lesson Sixteen : This is the largest one.

Lesson Seventeen : Happy birthday to you!

Lesson Eighteen : Don’t you want to come and try?

Lesson Nighteen : I hate exams most.

Lesson Twenty : That’s close?

Level Three

Lesson Twenty-one : It’s better to go by bicycle.

Lesson Twenty-two : Even if it’s bad,you’ll still have to eat.

Lesson Twenty-three : Whoever can not eat stinking bean curd is not a Beijinger

Lesson Twenty-four : Don’t be so hard on yourself

Lesson Twenty-five : I always have bad luck?

Lesson Twenty-six : What am I going to use(for cover)tonight?

Lesson Twenty-seven : Give me a break!

Lesson Twenty-Eight : Is it too late to transfer to another school?

Lesson Twenty-nine : I still haven’t got a girlfriend yet.

Lesson Thirty : McDonald’s again?

Level Four

Lesson Thirty-one : I just like to look at beautiful fashionable clothing.

Lesson Thirty-two : What if I fall off?

Lesson Thirty-three : How come there is only half a head?

Lesson Thirty-four : Did you play football and prepare the text at the same time?

Lesson Thirty-five : I always take wrong bus.

Lesson Thirty-six : Written request for leave

Lesson Thirty-seven : How could a beautiful girl learn monkey boxing?

Lesson Thirty-eight : It’s not allowed keeping dogs in the dormitory.

Lesson Thirty-nine : I never listen to the radio.

Lesson Forty : Do you think it is willing to live in a cage?

Level Five

Lesson Forty-one : For this,it’s my wife’s opinion that counts.

Lesson Forty-two : Take it easy!

Lesson Forty-three : Want to be my cousion?

Lesson Forty-four : Do you want to kill yourself?

Lesson Forty-five : I fall far short of you!

Lesson Forty-six : It’s still instant noodles.

Lesson Forty-seven : I hate both cold and hot

Lesson Forty-eight : We’d better sleep at home

Lesson Forty-nine : They just gave me a pack of tissues.

Lesson Fifty : It's hard to avoid having some rotten ones.


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